Prototyping and Engineering Services

Prototyping and Engineering Services:

General Saw Company’s Prototyping and Engineering services would offer clients expert assistance in the early stages of product development and design optimization for metal fabrication projects. This new service would bridge the gap between concept and production, leveraging General Saw’s extensive experience in custom metal fabrication and advanced technologies.

General Saw Company is a full-service partner for clients, offering end-to-end support from initial concept to final production, increasing speed to market and cost savings in production.

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prototyping and engineering services in Tampa FL
metal fabrication prototype and engineering

Key features of this service include:

Design Consultation: Collaborating with clients to refine their initial concepts, offering insights on material selection, manufacturability, and cost-effectiveness.

3D Modeling and CAD Services: Creating detailed 3D models and technical drawings using industry-standard CAD software to visualize and optimize designs before production.

Rapid Prototyping: Utilizing their advanced CNC plasma cutting, laser cutting, and robotic welding capabilities to quickly produce functional prototypes or small-batch production runs.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Analysis: Reviewing designs to optimize them for efficient production, reducing costs and improving quality.

Value Engineering: Identifying opportunities to enhance product performance while reducing production costs through innovative design and material choices.

Iterative Prototyping: Offering multiple rounds of prototyping and refinement to perfect designs before full-scale production.

Documentation and Reporting: Providing detailed reports on prototype performance, material properties, and recommendations for full-scale production.

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