Exploring 3 Processes of Metal Fabrication 

October 4, 2021by admin

Exploring 3 Processes of Metal Fabrication 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, metal fabrication is a significant industry in the United States. It employs approximately 1.42 million Americans. This involves the assembly of metal structures by cutting, manipulating, and manipulating metal materials. Metal fabrication can be used to create automotive frames, roofing panels, roofs, and fuselage panels for planes. While different metal fabrication companies may use different methods, the majority relies on the same three processes of metal fabrication: cutting and bending, and assembly.

#1) Cutting

Cutting is the first step in metal fabrication. The first step in metal fabrication is cutting. This allows the company to cut one or more pieces from raw metal that can be used in creating a new product or structure. Cutting metal is not possible with any common metals, such as steel, aluminum, or iron. However, special tools are required. Metal fabrication companies may use torches to cut the metal. Others will use numerical control (CNC), machines that involve lasers or water jets. The company will be able to use the appropriate-sized sections or sheets of metal when it is finished.

#2) Bending

Metal fabrication companies have to bend raw metal after cutting it. There are many ways to bend metal after it has been cut. Metal fabrication companies may hammer the metal sections or sheets into the desired shape. Hammering can either be done manually or by a power hammer. Many metal fabrication companies now use press brakes to bend their steel. When engaged, this heavy industrial machine presses metal sections and sheets into the desired shape. The machine clamps the metal between two punch dies, forcing it into the desired shape.

#3) Assembling

The final step in metal fabrication is assembling. Although welding is the most common method of assembly, other steps can be used. Metal fabrication companies can also apply screws and other fasteners to the seams. The company will finish assembling the metal before shipping it out to its customers.

The country’s growing manufacturing sector is driven by metal fabrication. Metal fabrication companies can use a variety of machines and techniques, but must still rely on a 3-step process. This involves cutting, bending and assembling. Metal fabrication companies can transform raw metal into new products by using these three processes.

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