What is a Plasma Cutting Table?

June 8, 2015by admin0

Plasma is a cutting edge technology that adds a whole new world of possibilities to the industry of sheet metal fabrication. Traditionally, plasma cutters (also known as plasma torches) are used in hand-held variants; this tool is a great way to cut through a variety of materials including sheet metal, pipes, straps, bolts, and metal plates! These plasma cutters can also be used to cut shapes out of steel and sheet metal plates, but it can be extremely hard to produce the correct edge quality suitable for most metal fabrication needs. This is where we can begin to answer the question: what is a plasma cutting table?

What is CNC?

CNC, short for “computer numerical control”, is a technology widely utilized in the sheet metal fabrication industry. Modern innovations have produced plasma cutting tables operated by machines; a plasma cutting torch is fixed to a machine which then directs it perfectly to make whatever cuts that are necessary. CNC technology allows contractors to make full use of plasma cutters, no need to worry about any handheld mistakes when a computer directs the process perfectly. This produces a high-quality edge, making sheet metal fabricated in this method perfect for industrial use.

This plasma cutting table also utilizes mechanized plasma systems, these operate differently from the plasma systems within handheld cutters and are a must if you have to do any serious industrial fabrication.

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