The Popular Types Of Welding

February 8, 2021by admin

The Popular Types Of Welding

Are you searching for types of welding techniques that are used in the metal fabrication industry? Welding is not something new; it dates back many centuries. Previously, people tried to control fire on various objects to join them together, especially metals. With the changing world and electricity supply, the welding techniques kept evolving until today where the market is flooded with an amazingly-working fabrication industry. This article will go over some of the popular types of welding. 

What is Welding Anyway? 

Welding is a process used in metal fabrication. It uses high temperatures to melt the raw materials and then join them together in a particular shape. At times, high pressure is also used to assist the process of joining metals together. 

The Top Types of Welding Procedures

Gas Metal Arc Welding 

This famous type of welding is also known as the Metal Inert Gas (MIG). In this process, a shielding gas is used on a wire electrode that increases two raw materials’ temperatures to be joined. At the same time, this technique needs a high current and voltage through a direct power supply. It is one of the most famously used welding methods in the industry that uses four primary methods to joint the metals:

  • Globular
  • Short-circuiting
  • Spray 
  • Pulsed-spray
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Gas Welding

Gas Tungsten Arc Gas Welding is used to fuse thick sections of steel. Non-ferrous metals can also be efficiently joined through this method. The process makes use of a  tungsten electrode for welding. The only drawback of this welding process is that it requires a lot of time and is a bit complicated. 

Shielded Metal Arc Welding 

The shielded metal arc welding is a special kind of welding procedure. It involves manually processing the stick welding. Electric current passes through a special stick, which forms an arc between the raw materials (metals) and the stick.  

This type of welding is used for structural steel that is used in construction. Industrial fabrication techniques also use this type of welding to join steel and iron together. 

Flux Cored Arc Welding 

The Flux Cored Arc Welding method was put forth as an alternative to the shielded metal welding. It is used in construction sites. The process is famous because of its high welding speed and sustainability.  

Atomic Hydrogen Welding

Even though atomic hydrogen welding has now been replaced with gas metal arc welding, it is still commonly used for welding tungsten. Tungsten is resistant to heat, which is why welds done by this method are adequate. The raw material sheet does not get damaged, and the result is a robust and seamless weld.

Which is the best welding method for beginners?

In case you have recently stepped foot into the welding industry, you should know that specific welding techniques would be easier to learn than others. The MIG welding, for instance, is usually taken to be the most uncomplicated welding technique.  It is the most straightforward technique because MIG welding uses high power output and forms clean, seamless welds. That is a much more effective technique than many others, so beginners simply love to master it first. There are many other techniques available as well, but they can be expensive. However, if you wish to become a pro welder, it is essential to learn diverse welding techniques. However, even the pros prefer the MIG welding technique because it is simple and effective. Contact us, the welding professionals for further information.



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