Tampa Sheet Metal Fabrication That Provides Precision For Any Project

May 17, 2021by admin

Tampa Sheet Metal Fabrication That Provides Precision For Any Project

General Saw Company is among the leading companies in Tampa sheet metal fabrication when it comes to sheet metal fabrication and cutting. They are located in Tampa, Fl. They have many employees that are trained on many types of equipment and provide many services to their customers, such as, metal building accessories, sheet metal cutting, sawing, bending, cutting, and more. 

When it comes to sheet metal fabrication and cutting, The General Saw Company offers a full range of products and services. From stainless steel and aluminum to 1 inch and 5 foot thick materials, the company can handle any project that you may need. Their equipment services include pre-fabricated metal parts, welding, fabrication, and sheet metal fabrication accessories.

If you are in need of a stainless steel gate,  the General Saw Company can provide you with custom fabrication designed to fit your exact specifications. There is a wide selection of hardware available from this company. For example, if you are having problems with the gate closing or are not sure how to secure the gate to the door, the General Saw Company can help. They have many great designs including automatic gate closer, overhead gates, pedestrian gates, recessed and keyed entry, security fencing, side and end fencing, spring, chain drive and direct drive track, aluminum, steel, and more.

If you are needing railings and stairs for your home or office building, the General Saw Company has unique options for you. From balustrade and railing systems, handrails, and fencing to indoor and outdoor fountains and lighting, you will find it hard to imagine an item they don’t have. The company offers both indoor and outdoor fences ranging from four posts to six posts and everything in between. The indoor fencing is made of durable galvanized steel while outdoor railings are made to withstand adverse weather conditions. All of their railings and stairs come with a warranty as well as a minimum weight requirement.

For any type of custom project that you are considering, the General Saw Company has the Tampa sheet metal fabrication skills and quality services available. The company offers fabrication, CNC machining, sheet metal drilling and cutting, metal finishing, abrasives, grinding, and other welding needs. The abrasives used include diamond grit, cobalt grind, aluminum oxide, boron, calcium oxide, boron plate, silicon carbide, and zinc coating. They also offer CNC machining, sheet metal bending and stiffening, and other metal bending services. For any type of repair needs, they offer repair parts for vibratory deburring machines, air compressor units, and vibratory tools.

When you need top-quality and precision construction,  the General Saw Company can provide the Tampa sheet metal fabrication you need. They use the most innovative computerized manufacturing process to fabricate and fine-tune every part. They use the most advanced laser and machining techniques to ensure your parts are perfectly formed and perfectly aligned. They can provide precision sheet metal parts that stand the test of time. So, whether you are a small business or a large Fortune 500 company, the General Saw Company has a solution for you.




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