Six Questions To Ask Your Custom Metal Fabricator

January 25, 2021by admin

Six Questions To Ask Your Custom Metal Fabricator

Quality welding can be one of the best aspects of a successful fabrication job. Every weld that you add to the product can be responsible for its quality and integrity. Without welding quality control, mistakes in the welding process can compromise the metal fabrication process. From the small holes that can invite rust, to welds which can lead to breaks and mistakes, there are some costly mistakes and disastrous results when welding can go wrong. Making sure that you are confirming the experience of a custom metal fabricator can be important. By making sure that you are working with a certified and trained group of welders that have a QC program, it will be possible to prevent various mishaps and delays in the construction process. Here are six questions to ask a custom metal fabricator before you start working with them.

Are Your Welders Certified And Can You Provide Documentation?

A qualified metal fabricator should be able to provide documentation and certify that their labor force is completely certified to work in the field. Welders need to be qualified to weld structural steel according to American welding society standards. Having the ability to fabricate and weld to standard is crucial. 

How Is Each Welder Qualified On Your Staff?

Any custom fabricator needs to provide some type of welder qualification record to verify that every welder has been tested for applicable codes. A logbook needs to be kept to ensure that every person that’s going to be working on your job is ready to manage the rigors you have for it. 

Do You Have a Quality Manager For Welding Performance?

Checking to see if there is a quality assurance manager to oversee the performance of each welder and tack welder can be important. Every six months a QA manager should be looking into ways that each welder can improve their skills and offer more to the labor force. Fit ups and products need to be inspected regularly to make sure that all of the assembly details and welds are meeting manufacturer specifications and the details of the job. 

What Have You Worked On In The Past?

If you are lucky enough to find a manufacturer that has some experience with manufacturing projects similar to the one that you are working on, you’ll be much less likely to experience a series of welding mistakes on the project, structural defects, and more. Finding a manufacturer that has worked on projects just like yours can ease the manufacturing process and make sure that you have somebody that truly knows what they are doing with the parts you want to build. It’s not always easy to find metal fabricators that have experience in the products that you’ve produced, but it can be a welcome relief in the process of starting your project when a company knows exactly how to get started and how to produce products for your industry. 

Do You Have Any Identifying WPS?

A system for numbering and I get a fine every metal fabricator’s production can be an important question to ask. Any manufacturing facility needs to be recording pertinent welding data such as the material type, plate dimensions, and operator identifications. Proper WPS ensures that every aspect of the production process can be managed and monitored for precision. 

Do You Teach Safe Welding Practices?

Every quality control program needs to include safe welding practices starting with their full-service metal fabricators and with understanding the return on investment for any long-term assets and employees. Making sure that everyone can be safe on the job site and that everyone’s going to be operating while making fewer mistakes can be crucial. CWB specifications need to make sure that industry-specific standards such as the material thickness, custom metal fabrication techniques, and welding techniques are all monitored for their quality and safety each step of the way. The QC program that meets all welding standards and industry-specific standards ensures that staff members can stay safe on the job and produce excellent products. 

If you’re interested in working with a team that has extensive experience in metal fabrication and using safe fabrication techniques, contact our staff today. We can assist with projects in a wide range of industries. 




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