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Plasma Table Drilling

Plasma cutting is a method for cutting sheet metal that revolves around using a material known as plasma to make precise cuts in the metal. Our plasma tables have the capability to also drill. We are one of very few in the state of Florida with this capability.

Sheet metal fabrication is a necessary component for thousands of products that we use on a daily basis. Whenever you drive your car, walk into your home or any business, or ride on a plane, you’re using or going into something that requires scrap metal! The flashing that protects your roof from leaks, the chassis that protects you and your car, there are so many industry applications it can be hard to list out! Just like the applications for sheet metal, the methods and tools used to cut it are endless. Some sheet metal applications require extremely precise cuts, there must be a high level of accuracy with the cuts that can be reliably repeated on demand. Industrial products, like airplane parts and wings for example, must be handled with precision to ensure that they can reliably be used in assembly. Thankfully, plasma table drilling exists for this exact purpose!

What Is Plasma Cutting?

Plasma cutting is a method for cutting sheet metal that revolves around using a material known as plasma to make precise cuts in the metal. Simply put, plasma is a superheated gas, scientists often refer to it as the 4th state of matter, separate from solids, liquids, and other gases. A plasma cutting tool produces the material by blowing gas out of a nozzle at extremely high speeds while an electrical arc is introduced to the stream of gas. The arc helps heat the gas to extremely high temperatures, producing plasma as a result. This is also known as the plasma jet, and it can be used to drill or bore precise cuts; additionally the plasma jet works to blow away the material while it cuts!

Why Utilize a Plasma Table Drilling Service?

  • Speed, Efficiency, and Precision: plasma table drilling has no equal when it comes to speed; a plasma table can be up to 5 times faster than standalone plasma torches and can produce the same precise cut as many times as needed. A plasma cutting table can handle cutting up to 200 inches per minute!
  • Versatility: Our plasma drilling table can handle most any material you need cut. In addition it can perform cuts up to a thickness of two inches! 

The benefits of plasma table drilling are numerous, but you still need a qualified sheet metal professional to perform the fabrication for you! With over 30 years of experience serving the Central Florida region, General Saw Company are the experts for the job!


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