Questions to Ask Your Metal Fabricator

September 16, 2020by admin0

Whatever your sheet metal fabrication needs are, you’re going to need a quality finished product that can hold up and withstand the intense pressures of your industry. As with trade or skill, the quality of your metal fabrication is almost entirely dependent on the skill of your trusted contractor. While machinery, tools, equipment, and parts play a huge role in determining the quality of your fabricated metal, user skill and operational expertise are the biggest determining factors in producing a quality finished product. We’ve all seen or heard of those horror stories; someone invites a shady roofer to do work on their home and they are rewarded with costly repairs and a big headache down the road. Metal fabrication is no different, thankfully there are few questions to ask your metal fabricator that are perfect for weeding out the quality companies from the chaff! 

Do You Focus On Safe Welding Practices?

Metal fabricators know the feeling of having high-cost assets that are necessary for performing the job correctly. However, even in a room full of expensive machines, a metal fabricator should know that their most valuable assets are behind the machines, their workers! It’s important that the metal fabrication service you work with takes the utmost precautions when it comes to their welding processes. Look for a company that openly advertises hiring skilled workers focused on safe working practices, in addition to this you’ll also want to work with a fabricator that is up to date on their quality control and assurance to ensure that they’re running a safe business.

Are Your Worker’s Certified?

One of the biggest factors determining the quality of your sheet metal work is the certifications behind the workers. A quality metal fabrication company will strive to have their workers qualified with the latest welding and operating certifications. Need sheet metal fabrication for your next project? Don’t waste your time with the other guys, contact us at General Saw Company today! 


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