Laser Engraving In Tampa

February 22, 2021by admin

Laser Engraving In Tampa


When you think of sheet metal fabrication, how do you picture the metal being cut into the specific shapes and sizes needed for various projects? While it is true that there are many different methods used when it comes to cutting sheet metal, Laser cutting (or engraving) is one of the most commonly used methods by those who have the skillset and technology to do so. Laser engraving in Tampa is cutting edge, our experts will explain how it works in this article.


As the method’s name would lead you to believe, this cutting method involves a focused beam of a laser to trace the cutting pattern and cut away the metal into the perfect shape or size needed for any type of industrial project. Because of the many assets of sheet metal (think flexibility), it has quickly become one of the cornerstone building blocks for many, many industries across the world. With a nearly endless amount of functions and possibilities, sheet metal is used everywhere from building skyscrapers to delivering pizzas to launching satellites into space. Thanks to how modifiable this product is, there are numerous different methodologies out there for cutting the sheets and shaping them just right for any job.


Because sheet metal is used in so many different types of jobs and industries, there are numerous ways to cut and shape the material that is preferred for different types of metal content and after-market use. When it comes to finding the best way to shape, cut, or engrave your sheet metal in Tampa, you should be keeping an eye out for a company that can offer you the safe, strategic, and easy solution of laser cutting. It can be one of the best methods for cutting sheet metal, no matter the industry. 


What is Laser Cutting?


Much like you would assume just from looking at the name, Laser Cutting is a process by which a thin laser is used to cut away pieces of metal in order to create a specific cut or design in a metal sheet. This thin laser can be focused or magnified in order to burn through all different metal types or materials and still provide a super clean and precise cut without causing damage to other elements or portions of the sheet. 


This type of cutting method is perfect for many, many different industries and can be set up and executed rather quickly – especially when compared to different methods of cutting sheet metal. 


What are the advantages of this type of cutting? 

When it comes to the world of laser engraving or laser cutting, there are a few notable advantages that you just cannot get when it comes to other cutting counterparts such as saw machines. Here are a few of the top advantages to help you make a better, more informed decision on your cutting needs:


A Quick Production Life: If time is of importance with your project, you may want to look towards laser cutting over some of the other options on the table because this type of cutting takes next to no time at all. All you need to do is calibrate the laser power levels, and you are ready to cut. The turnaround time with laser cutting is unbelievable. 


A More Precise Cut: Measure twice, cut once and all of that song and dance exists because precision is precious when it comes to any form of cutting. While there are lots of saws that can be tremendously precise, there is no beating the precision of a laser-cut when it comes to sheet metal cutting. This method delivers clean, precise cuts that are so easy to set up for any industrial need or project specification. 

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