How does a Plasma Cutter work?

August 9, 2021by admin

How does a Plasma Cutter work?

The metal fabrication process is often aided by plasma cutters. Our employees use plasma cutters and plasma drilling tables to cut down and trim material in custom metal fabrication. In this article, we wanted to briefly explain the question “how does a plasma cutter work?”.

Plasma cutters are made by sending electric arcs through a gas through a narrow opening. It is extremely pressurized, and the gas is usually nitrogen, oxygen, or Argon. The gas will reach plasma when it passes through the constrictive opening.

The device will form a circuit when it is pressed against the metal. The plasma’s electrical conductivity will cause the arc of the plasma to transfer to the area being cut. Because of its restricted opening, the gas can flow at extremely high speeds. To protect the future, the high-speed gas will cut through the molten steel and be redirected around the cutting area.

Modern plasma cutters have a pilot arc between the electrodes and the nozzle. This pilot arc helps to ionize the gas and create plasma before the ark transfers occur. This will speed up plasma cutting by creating a spark before it happens. Plasma cutting using either one of these methods is not compatible with a CNC or automated cutting tool.

The plasma cutter’s most important piece is the swirl ring. This ring is placed above the electrode. It causes the plasma to spin in a fast format as it passes through it. In the swirl ring, the electrode and the nozzle will need to be replaced on a regular basis.

Although handheld plasma cutters are most commonly thought of, there are also computer-controlled processes. Plasma cutters can be controlled by CNC machines. They will automate the process of making them and maintain extremely tight tolerances. CNC machines are more sophisticated than the tape-guided CNC machines of the past.

These machines can be run on personal computers and limited production computers. This allows you to get high-quality cuts and reduce production time, without the need to operate a single piece of machinery. CNC software allows you to easily make adjustments to your production process, pierce through the material, and program up or down in just seconds. Advanced CNC units can be equipped with acceleration and deceleration at corners, as well as other functions.

A company with CNC control plasma cutters will speed up the production process and allow for greater manufacturing tolerances. A plasma cutter and CNC are excellent tools for custom metal manufacturing. You can get a quicker time for your product releases by finding a CNC plasma cutter-running manufacturing partner. This will allow you to plan for the future with far more ease.

If you are interested in learning more about computer-controlled machining and plasma cutting, please contact us. Our team has extensive knowledge in custom metal fabrication. We are available to help you with any CNC task. We hope we cleared up the question “how does a plasma cutter work’ for you. For Plasma cutting or Plasma drilling, The General Saw Company is the right choice for you.



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