Hillsborough Sheet Metal Company

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Hillsborough Sheet Metal Company

The General Saw Company is a Hillsborough sheet metal company operating in Tampa Florida and has been in business for over 30 years. Since its creation in 1990, our company has been servicing the people of South Florida and a number of surrounding businesses as the ultimate location for sheet metal fabrication. 

At The General Saw Company,  we are a Hillsborough sheet metal company with a goal to use the latest technology to make sure that our customers’ needs can be met and exceeded. By upgrading our technology regularly and employing the best operators in the region, we ensure that your product is manufactured perfectly and that you are able to experience fishing turnarounds with your sheet metal.

The General Saw Company starts by understanding the needs of our customers. We understand that no two sheet metal projects are the same and finding an experienced group of operators with the right tools can keep your business operating efficiently and make sure that there is no room for error in your production line.

With our consistent updating of new staff and equipment, we want to push the limits of quality in our products to new heights. We’re always striving for perfection and we employ the right quality experts and a team of skilled operators that can check every piece off the line. Consistency for your sheet metal needs will help to keep your business operating with efficiency and it will show in the end construction of your products. 

We are problem solvers in our industry and we can help you get the most out of your sheet metal fabrication process. Contact us with any challenge and we have the engineers to go through the process and help you discover the ideal solutions in sheet metal. 

As well as trusting in the best machinery and operators, we’ve established strong local connections over 30 years in business. We have helped many local suppliers get off the ground and as a result, we can secure high-quality steel and metal products at incredible prices. Through our proven business relationships, we were able to get material fast and cut down on shipping costs to bring our quotes down. Many of our competitors will outsource materials internationally but we can deliver specialized quotes on local materials and supplies which will cut your delivery times while maximizing quality in material strengths.

Through our commitment to quality customer service, we remain available to all of our customers. We want to provide you with quick answers on manufacturing and transparent solutions through the quoting process. We pride ourselves on getting back to our customers fast and delivering the timely answers you need to maintain production.

With our commitment to consistent training and improvements to our technology, were also able to boost efficiency and precision at every level of a business. If you are interested in learning more about working with a precision sheet metal company for your needs in Hillsborough sheet metal manufacturing, contact our staff today. We can prepare specialized quotes for your sheet metal fabrication process. 




We are based in the industrial heart of Tampa, Florida.
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