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January 25, 2021

Six Questions To Ask Your Custom Metal Fabricator

Quality welding can be one of the best aspects of a successful fabrication job. Every weld that you add to the product can be responsible for its quality and integrity. Without welding quality control, mistakes in the welding process can compromise the metal fabrication process. From the small holes that can invite rust, to welds which can lead to breaks and mistakes, there are some costly mistakes and disastrous results when welding can go wrong. Making sure that you are confirming the experience of a custom metal fabricator can be important. By making sure that you are working with a certified and trained group of welders that have a QC program, it will be possible to prevent various mishaps and delays in the construction process. Here are six questions to ask a custom metal fabricator before you start working with them.

January 18, 2021

What Is Saw Cutting?


In order to get the ideal solution for exact sizing and piping or tubing as well as with sheet metal manufacturing, saw cutting can be an advantageous manufacturing process for your business. Working with a metal fabricator that uses exact saw cutting for fixtures, appliances, and products can be widely beneficial. If you’re interested in working with a company that specializes in saw cutting, consider our team with several decades of experience. In this article, we wanted to take you through the basics of saw cutting and how it may benefit your metal fabrication process. 

January 11, 2021

Best Sheet Metal Services

The sheet-metal fabrication process has become extremely popular today. With such an abundance of sheet-metal fabrication companies but are all seeking your business it’s likely that you may have to get a few companies to find one that will offer you excellent results. If you want to hire a company that’s going to follow the sheet-metal fabrication process with cutting-edge equipment and with the highest quality of standard raw materials, we can assist you. This article will go over what it takes to provide best sheet metal services. 

January 3, 2021

What Is Angle Processing?

The sheet-metal fabrication process often involves multistep manufacturing. There are different industries in different services that often require various steps in the building process in order to accomplish the final product. There are aspects of fabrication that can be quite intricate, they require detailed cutting, finishing, and more. There are also a few different methods for angle processing which is a common process in metal fabrication. Angle processing is also known as bending. Professional bending in sheet-metal processes needs to be done by a trusted professional and under extremely controlled conditions. There are many sheet metal fabrication companies that offer a massive range of fabrication services but only a few might have the qualification to handle the process of sheet metal bending with precision. In this article we answer the question “What is angle processing? “ and What it takes to do it.

December 28, 2020

The Best Tampa Metal Fabricators

Finding the best fabrication company in Tampa for your metal fabrication projects is not always easy. Finding a team that’s able to go the extra mile and deliver the best in craftsmanship as well as value can take some vetting. Here are some qualities that you should be looking for in the best Tampa Metal fabricators.

December 21, 2020

The Advantages of a Full Service Custom Metal Fabricator


Many manufacturers will source a custom metal fabricator based on specific processes, material capabilities or the types of production it needs to take place. Meeting with multiple vendors and trying out several custom manufacturers to fabricate the right type of production parts can be important. There are serious challenges and costs associated with quality control, vendor management, prototyping and more. Managing the efficiency and effectiveness of any fabrication process takes work and if you’re going to be securing multiple vendors, it’s likely that you’re going to be rolling the dice at each stage of production for your return on investment. Choosing a full-service custom metal fabricator can be a far better way to make sure that you can manage your budget, keep on-time delivery and exceed product quality specifications. Here are some of the top attributes that you should look for in any full-service custom metal fabricator.

December 14, 2020

When starting any new type of custom metal fabrication projects, finding a team that’s capable of handling that fabrication task can be crucial. It’s likely that you have some very specific needs when taking on custom fabrication techniques. In addition to your time, budget, and quality, it’s likely that there are a series of logistical elements that you’ll need to consider. Finding a team that’s capable of managing your custom metal fabrication project is important. Here are some of the most common misconceptions that you may face when selecting a custom metal fabrication team to work with.

September 16, 2020

Whenever the need for custom metal fabrication comes into play, securing a fruitful relationship with a metal fabricator can be a tough nut to crack. There are plenty of metal fabricator services out there claiming to offer results but they may not even have the infrastructure to get your project off the ground! Metal fabrication is no game, thousands of industrial processes and products rely heavily on the quality metal fabrication to finish the job. Custom metal fabrication misconceptions are a dime a dozen, people regularly step into quicksand when choosing their fabrication partner and are let down when the final product is revealed. The crew at General Saw Company has decided to clear the air and dispel some of these common misconceptions so that you can have an easier time choosing the perfect metal fabrication partner for the job!

September 16, 2020

Whatever your sheet metal fabrication needs are, you’re going to need a quality finished product that can hold up and withstand the intense pressures of your industry. As with trade or skill, the quality of your metal fabrication is almost entirely dependent on the skill of your trusted contractor. While machinery, tools, equipment, and parts play a huge role in determining the quality of your fabricated metal, user skill and operational expertise are the biggest determining factors in producing a quality finished product. We’ve all seen or heard of those horror stories; someone invites a shady roofer to do work on their home and they are rewarded with costly repairs and a big headache down the road. Metal fabrication is no different, thankfully there are few questions to ask your metal fabricator that are perfect for weeding out the quality companies from the chaff! 

June 8, 2015

Plasma is a cutting edge technology that adds a whole new world of possibilities to the industry of sheet metal fabrication. Traditionally, plasma cutters (also known as plasma torches) are used in hand-held variants; this tool is a great way to cut through a variety of materials including sheet metal, pipes, straps, bolts, and metal plates! These plasma cutters can also be used to cut shapes out of steel and sheet metal plates, but it can be extremely hard to produce the correct edge quality suitable for most metal fabrication needs. This is where we can begin to answer the question: what is a plasma cutting table?


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