7 Custom Metal Fabrication Misconceptions

December 14, 2020by admin

When starting any new type of custom metal fabrication projects, finding a team that’s capable of handling that fabrication task can be crucial. It’s likely that you have some very specific needs when taking on custom fabrication techniques. In addition to your time, budget, and quality, it’s likely that there are a series of logistical elements that you’ll need to consider. Finding a team that’s capable of managing your custom metal fabrication project is important. Here are some of the most common misconceptions that you may face when selecting a custom metal fabrication team to work with.

If You Have a Design in Place, You Shouldn’t Need to Involve Another Engineer

Every custom metal fabrication project will start with a successful design engineering collaboration. Once turning over the fabrication, it’s likely that you may feel as though your time with an engineer should be done. Making sure that you can troubleshoot problems with production and visualize future processes can be important. The process of design the fabrication doesn’t mean moving onto the next phase, having an engineer involved each step of the way can make sure that metal fabrication processes can be perfected and that you can experience fewer errors with the products that are produced. 

A Fabricator With The Best Quality Presentation is Likely to Know More

If you started working with the company and they’ve promised you the world in an impressive presentation, it doesn’t always mean that they’re going to have the resources available to complete your contract. Make sure you are always taking a tour of the facility, inspecting some of their previous work, and finding all that you can before signing a contract. Many metal fabricators will cut corners when it comes to the equipment and facilities, but promised excellence over the phone or through their website. If a metal fabricator is unwilling to offer you a tour or showcase some of their previous work, it’s likely that they may not have the same quality and efficiency-focused that some of their competitors may have. Working with a full-service fabricator that has a team of experts, engineers, QA, and all the tools to provide cutting, forming, assembly, and installation can be important. A team that can provide all-in-one solutions will maintain tight quality controls from the process of design to deliver. 

The Galvanization Process is Too Expensive

New techniques through hot-dip are making it much more affordable and custom metal fabrication. The galvanizing process ensures that every area of the steel can become coated in the final product and will require less maintenance. You can save money over time with any product you choose to get galvanized. Your fabrication partner should address any of the costly issues that could come into place, as well as some concerns that may be in place regarding your design. 

The Lowest Bid Fabricator Provides a Better Return on Investment

The budget for the lowest bid won’t mean that you’ll get a better ROI, when researching any custom metal fabrication partner it’s important to check for hidden costs, the chance they could subcontract aspects of the labor, deliver poor quality control, offer poor communication or other costly mistakes. Many companies that offer low bids will simply try to win your business, but this can lead to inexperienced laborers working on your projects and the chance that you could run into further expenses down the road. 

Your Inspections Are Performed by Qualified Q&A

Many custom manufacturing plants have quality control experts on staff but they may be unwilling to call third-party experts to make sure that a final product is going to be up to code. In order to properly maintain quality control, inspections need to be examined on a regular basis as well. Working with your fabrication partner’s quality control and documenting each stage of the quality control process can make sure that mistakes are not being made in the quality checks alongside production. 

Metal Fabricators Don’t Always Work With Third-party Vendors For Compliance

In any type of fabrication field installation or in producing new products, it’s possible that any manufacturer will have to go outside of OSHA regulations, forgo safety reports, or not look into the series of government regulations. Compliance regulation requests are going to be important and it would be difficult for companies to submit to a third-party verification request, there is a chance that your company could be held liable if there are product failures. 

You’re Going to Need Multiple Vendors For Custom Metal Fabrication

You may not need to go to multiple vendors for design, assembly, and engineering. There are many metal fabricators that perform all of these tasks in-house to speed processor production and deliver better quality results on budget and on schedule.

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