Precision Laser Cutting

Laser Etching PartsPrecision, speed, and quality, that's what we guarantee when it comes to our laser cutting process. Trumpf's TL 3050, our 5000 watt CO2 laser, is the keystone to our laser processing here at General Saw.

Our laser's maximum thickness capabilities are as follows:

Type of Material:Material Thickness:
Mild SteelMin. of 26ga. up to Max. of 3/4"
Stainless SteelMin. of 26ga. up to Max. of 1/2"
AluminumMin. of 0.025" up to Max. of 1/2"

Our laser's 2 cutting tables, offer the ability to cut the above materials with a maximum sheet size of 5' wide by 10' long.

Aside from the precision cutting our laser has to offer we also have the option to etch your parts with anything you see fit. The laser's etching process can add any imaginable contour(s) to your parts including part numbers, job information, stud layouts and forming instructions. Need that mirror finish surface preserved? We are able to evaporate and/or cut through a material's PVC layer pain free with no loss of quality to the material's cut and surface.